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Finding an ideal senior home is very important in order to live comfortably, feel secure, and happy. It’s important to take a lot of things into consideration. We at Bestland can help you with all of your needs, and we offer amazing services for Coeur d’Alene Senior Living!

Important things to consider when searching for a home

Picking a home is quite difficult, there are many different things that one should consider before settling in. First, let’s get an understanding of the different types of homes. Nursing homes, are primarily for rehabilitation purposes, and best suited for seniors who required a lot of medical attention on a constant basis. These homes are ideal for seniors who can no longer take care of themselves or need a nurse to be on constant standby to take care of them. On the other hand, assistant living homes are best for seniors who need some assistance to go about their everyday lives. Meals are generally provided, and nurses remain on standby. Independent living homes are for seniors who can take care of themselves but may still need some help with cooking and other small stuff.

Here’s what to consider and avoid when looking for a home

First, pay attention to if whether or not the living community is clean, well furnished, and has proper amenities. Pay attention to housekeeping, and that the estate does not carry any unpleasant odors.

  • Check to see if the people that inhabit the community are active and friendly.
  • Make sure your whole family is happy with the home you have selected, after all your seniors might end up spending a lot of time there, make sure their personal preferences are satisfied.
  • Take the time to speak with staff, and possibly, even meet with management to discuss everything. Ask the inhabitants if they are happy with their stay. Bestland has some of the friendliest staff around that are available around the clock!
  • It might help to eat a meal on the property. After all, if you don’t like the food, you won’t be happy. Question the community about what nutrition and meals they serve.
  • Check if the property is safe and secure. Make sure that everything you need is easily accessible and can support you.
  • What physical exercise programs and clubs are available to enjoy? Make sure that you have the opportunity to join clubs, develop new hobbies, interests, and keep entertained!
  • Figure out if the community offers the types of living conditions you required, do you want a private room? Standalone house? A private bath? Or do you not mind sharing.
  • Make sure the living community is licensed and has not had its license lost ever.
  • Check for hidden fees, and make sure that you can easily move to another living community without unnecessary hassles and headaches!

Pick a place that will make you comfortable

After going through our tips, it’s important that you find a senior living community that would suit all of your needs. Be it hobbies, exercise, food, education, social interactions, safety, friendliness of staff, accessibility, cleanliness.

Pay close attention to the residents that are living in the community which you are considering. Do they appear happy, healthy? It’s very important to avoid a living community in which the inhabitants are not happy and have a lot of complaints. Picking the right place to leave which fulfills all of year needs has great physical and mental benefits as well. By finding a place in which you know you can socialize, get the proper nutrition, medical treatment, exercise, and community interaction, your physical and mental health will improve dramatically. Seniors that are happy with their surroundings have decreased risks of depression, insomnia, dementia.


You probably didn’t think that picking a senior living community would be so detailed. However, this is an important process that should be treated with the utmost care and attention. We at Bestland Senior Living Community strive to provide the best for our senior citizens, we offer great activities, meals, security, and respect, as well as a good time for everyone and we do offer all of this at an affordable price, so give your future home some serious thought. We are glad that we could help you obtain information on what to avoid when picking a senior living community and what to consider. Consult with your family and visit Bestland today for more information!