All of us may know someone who is currently residing in a senior living community. Many memorable movie scenes capture the lighter side of life as a resident of such a community, humorously showing how excited residents are to have visitors. Amid days filled with a calendar of activities that are very enjoyable, nothing compares to the heartwarming feeling of seeing your loved ones- children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, walking through the doors for a visit!

We must realize how it encourages our beloved seniors when friends and family visit them. Our seniors enjoy sitting down with their loved ones and talking with them and enjoying each other’s company. When you visit a loved one who has moved from their previous home and familiar surroundings into a new community, it means everything to them that you took time out of your busy schedule to stop what you were doing just to visit them!

The benefits of visiting senior loved ones who are living at a senior living facility are priceless. The encouragement that they feel is immediate and long lasting. There are also verifiable health benefits that impact their livelihood, quality of life and longevity. Physical ailments are affected as well as their mental health, emotional well-being and desire to maintain social interaction. We all can feel a sense of happiness when you feel important to those you care about. This feeling translates to our seniors when they receive a surprise visit. Many seniors are enjoying themselves and are busy in senior communities, but they still feel a longing for family visits. Bingo volunteers from local agencies and organizations, live music, and crafts just to name a few of these activities that keep our seniors busy and satisfied. But our residents will beam with pride as they tell you their relative is here and they proudly make those simple introductions.

Some of the benefits of visiting a loved one in a senior community are:

  • Showcasing to your loved ones that you care and are there for them
  • Providing you the opportunity to stay informed on their physical and emotional health
  • Keeping your loved one connected and providing a sense of belonging
  • Visits help create new and wonderful memories

At Bestland Senior Living Community, we strive to create a welcoming and loving community for our residents. Our activities are created to provide a growing social environment for our residents. We also love the time spent during dinners and breakfasts. Our community constantly has something going on but nothing will beat a visit from a loved one. Today is a wonderful moment to call your loved one and schedule a visit with them. We are always encouraging our residents to invite their family to our community to visit. So the next time you consider waiting until the next week to visit your senior loved one, go ahead and make time! The benefits are priceless!