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Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia which leads to problems in thinking, memory and general behavior. At first, the symptoms develop slow but get much worse as time passes and can affect your daily life. Here are the early signs of Alzheimer’s.

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Early signs of Alzheimer’s

Solving problems and planning can become a challenge. Someone with Alzheimer’s disease might find it difficult to make and follow a plan and even work with numbers. This can result in someone having issues with calculating a budget for the month or reading a book. This is because concentration is affected and it is difficult to do things like before. Finishing tasks can also become a challenge. Even the most familiar tasks that someone is doing daily at work or home becomes a challenge to complete. Riding the bike, forgetting phone numbers or doing basic tasks at work are just a few examples.

Memory loss is one of the most observed signs of Alzheimer’s disease, and it happens especially with new necessary information. However, the loss of memory can occur on even more important aspects like someone’s birthday or an important meeting at work. Not keeping track of the time and place is another symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. It is common to forget what date it is, what time it is and even what season it is. If they are to do something in a particular amount of time, most of the time they will completely forget about it, and they can even forget where they are and how they got there in the first place.

Speaking or writing becomes a challenge for those who may have Alzheimer’s. Keeping up with conversations becomes difficult. They may ask their partner to repeat what they said because they forgot something while their partner was speaking. They might also find it difficult to put an idea into words, or they may use the wrong words. Visual images and spatial coordination become a challenge. This is another sign of Alzheimer’s disease, and it is showcased as finding it difficult to read and determining distance. Seniors may experience issues in distinguishing colors or variation of colors which leads to difficulties like painting and driving.

Bad decision making and poor judgment can also be a struggle. This is a symptom that severely affects the quality of life which can result in serious problems. Some examples of this sign are: Giving tips much more than needed, forgetting to feed the pet or forgetting to shower. Placing things in the wrong place is another common thing and combined with the ability to retrace steps makes the case even worse.

Seniors may have frequent changes in personality and mood. People with Alzheimer’s can quickly become depressed, confused, anxious and suspicious. They can become nervous and be upset with people, even friends, and family at home and work. Losing the capacity to work and cope with your social life can be a discouraging symptom. Usually, individuals with Alzheimer’s disease tend to give up on hobbies, work, sports activities and even hanging out with friends. The quick loss of memory can lead to forgetting how to paint or to basic things at work which result in them withdrawing from social activities and their workplace.

In case you see these symptoms for yourself or a loved one, do not delay in contacting a doctor immediately. At Bestland Senior Living Community we strive to put our senior’s health first. For more information call us today at (208) 665-1600.