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Arthritis can be overwhelming. Most of us can say that we know a loved one suffering from stiff, painful joints, or perhaps you are suffering from it yourself. Millions upon millions all over the world are enduring this rheumatic disease, and almost half of those are seniors. Many take drugs and medication to alleviate the pain, but it is usually better and more efficient to partake in physical therapy. The exercises listed below can often be completed on your own, are less expensive and tend to have beneficial results.

There are important things to take note of before trying any exercises, especially when doing them by yourself. Before you do anything, make sure to warm up. Sometimes this seems like an unnecessary step, but it helps to prevent possible injuries or strains.

Next, whatever you do, don’t push yourself so hard that you cause yourself unnecessary pain. This will cause more harm than good, so just remember not to overdo it and to break up your exercise sessions. Following these guidelines will ensure safety and success. Also, always check with your doctor to make sure that he or she approves of you pursuing these remedies.


One of the simplest and yet most useful exercises is stretching the joints that are causing you issues. Slowly extending and contracting the muscles (fingers, knees, etc.) a few times each day will help you to begin to regain mobility and flexibility. Keep this up, and over time you should start seeing some improvement. However, do not try so hard that you begin to hurt. There may be a little discomfort, but you should not be experiencing pain. If you do, then cut back a little bit on your efforts. The key to success here is patience and consistency.

Water Aerobics

Doing exercises in a pool causes less discomfort than other forms of physical therapy. You might use your pool, or go to a community pool option. The water helps float you up, relieving pressure off your joints while you exercise them at the same time. You might try short swims or walking laps in the water. Another idea is to join a class where you do aerobic activities as a group. This is a fun, social choice that allows you to regain strength while making new friends at the same time!


This is another fantastic option, especially for those suffering from knee arthritis. Walking strengthens joints and muscles while also keeping you fit and active. Start off small, depending on your level of ability at the time. Eventually start going longer distances, bearing at a comfortable pace but still getting in a good workout. Your endurance will slowly build, and you can end up taking longer walks. Go with a friend, or walk the dog! Whatever way you choose to do it, you will find that your daily activities become less strenuous on your joints as a result of walking.


You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to lift some light weights! Doing simple exercises such as bicep curls or squats will strengthen and improve your muscles. Most people find that weight lifting alleviates much of their pain. You may choose to do this in your home with actual or improvised weights, or you might go to a gym. Exercising with other people often gives better results than doing it alone.


Some people opt for an ancient form of exercise, such as yoga. This must be done carefully to ensure that it is done properly and without causing pain. It is recommended that you find an instructor to help you with your situation. Yoga can ease painful, stiff joints with simple forms of exercise. Not only this, but it also relaxes your mind and body. It is an excellent route to consider, as long as your doctor gives you permission to pursue it.

All five of these exercises are among the best and most effective ways to help seniors with arthritis. If the pain is bad, consider going to a physical therapist who will help guide you through therapies specially adjusted for your needs. However, many can try some or all of these simple remedies. You or a loved one can reap the benefits, which are vast and worth the effort!