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At a certain age, mental health could influence the overall health of an individual. Patients who know they are sick will tend to become more solitary and isolate themselves from other people. It is very important to understand how mental health can affect senior health, to better respond in such cases. Research has shown that there is a strong connection between mental health and physical health. Some studies have found that individuals that struggle with depression may suffer from heart disease and vice-versa.  Our assisted living Coeur d’Alene community here at Bestland strives to prioritize our seniors physical and mental health. Here are some details needed to be taken into consideration:

Assisted Living Coeur d'Alene Idaho

Avoidance and Isolation

Usually, seniors with mental health struggles tend to retreat to their room and avoid other people. Socializing can be a struggle for those who suffer from depression and anxiety. Some minor adjustments can be made to help reduce the struggle of loneliness and the feeling of isolation. Thanks to technology and the internet, socializing with loved ones and friends have never been easier. There are plenty of methods to communicate with others; social media, messaging apps and video calls are just a few of them. We want our Seniors to feel connected to their loved ones, so we offer multiple resources for them to use, such as a public computer.

Activities and Support

We also recommend our Seniors to try to participate in various activities. For example, here at Bestland Senior Living Community, there is no part of the day where you don’t have a chance of doing something fun or relaxing along with good friends, from playing cards, bowling, going on trips and many others. Receiving social support from others is very useful against depression and offering support can be even more beneficial. Try to find someone who is lonely and needs a friend. These relationships tend to be full of life and encouragement.


We also encourage pets. Adopting a cat or a dog can bring a lot of joy in people’s lives. Owning a pet can even urge you to go outside for a walk, and this will benefit both of you. There are many reasons to go out for just 10 minutes a day. There are gardens and walking paths on every corner, with several types of trees and flowers everywhere to provide a peaceful space for our Seniors.


We have found that hobbies have helped our residents. Try to pick up that hobby you used to do like collecting stuff, drawing or listening to music. Listening to music has a lot of positive actions against depression and anxiety. We discuss the many benefits of music for our seniors at the following link: The Benefits of Music for Seniors


Diet has a huge role in mental health. Each meal of the day has to be full of nutrients and other beneficial vitamins and proteins. Our Seniors have the option of enjoying freshly cooked meals prepared daily by our professional staff. Our kitchen is dedicated to providing meals that not only feel our seniors up but make them feel blessed!


Communication is the key to a better and happier life. It is critical to engage seniors in small discussions and psychological sessions, to make them understand how much they are loved and appreciated. Our seniors are our priority, and they need to know that we are there to help as best as we can. We encourage both communications between elders and sessions or meetings with our staff, to ensure a good partnership and strong relation within our community.

One of the best things that we see every day is our residents smiling. We want to see everyone smiling as often as possible, having no hidden concerns. Our team of professionals is always focused on our residents, providing the best services and full-time support. We ensure that seniors are happy and healthy at all times, enjoying a relaxing and pleasant time in our centers.