There are a ton of amazing benefits that a senior citizen can derive from owning a pet, such as a cat or a dog. It’s a great experience and is highly recommended, especially for senior citizens.

Benefits of owning a pet

It has been proven, that owning, and taking care of a pet can improve one’s physical health. Frequent walks with your pet can help reduce the risk of heightened blood pressure, improve social interactions with others, and stimulate physical activity. Cognitive functioning can also be enhanced by owning and taking care of a pet, due to the amount of new information that needs to be understood, and the attention that needs to be provided for a pet.

  • Having a companion can be a great way to increase overall comfort and happiness. It’s been proven that by taking care of an animal you love, your brain will receive increased stimulation, improved satisfaction, and lower stress levels. Pets have been shown to decrease cortisol, and elevate serotonin, which is the happiness hormone!
  • Owning a pet has been tied to reduced levels of blood and stress pressure in individuals. Surprisingly, pet owners also experienced lower levels of cholesterol, and are less susceptible to chronic heart conditions. This may be due to the physical activity that is required to care for a pet.
  • Feeling lonely? Owning a pet is a great way to reduce loneliness. Pets have been proven to help fight depression, as well as certain physical conditions. This may be because it becomes necessary to adjust one’s schedule to fit your pet’s needs.
  • Small pets are great; you can easily take them on trips with you to have the comfort and happiness which your little companion can provide wherever you go.
  • Develop a routine, by owning a pet, you will have to develop a method which involves caring for your pet. This can improve the purpose of your day to day life, as well as make it easier to get out of bed in the morning!
  • Pets help individuals in establishing a schedule, and provide an excellent reason as to get your dose of physical activity!
  • Pets can also be trained to help provide care and assistance for senior individuals who are suffering from physical ailments that significantly affect overall mobility and quality of life.

Taking care of a pet is great

Owning a pet is a great way to get your much-needed physical activity, be it through walks, feeding, or even playing. Taking care of a dog or cat is a great way to get that material stimulus into your everyday routine. Pets have been proven to reduce overall stress in individuals, and perhaps it has something to do with waking up with that beautiful cat or dog of your choosing!

Pets provide an excellent platform for socialization among seniors and all individuals. Be it from group walk sessions to charitable events, as well as fundraising events. Sometimes it can be nice to find a group with similar interests and hobbies thanks to your pet. Owning a pet is also a great way to break the ice during conversations.

Pets can also provide an increased sense of security. Sometimes a bark is all it takes to scare away intruders. By owning a pet, you will feel great fulfillment due to the need of having to take care of someone else. Additionally, being in constant contact with a pet can help fend off loneliness, isolation, and depression, especially for those going through the feelings of losing a spouse, or lack of communication with family.

Pets are also brilliant and can discern when an individual is happy, sad, or depressed. They can provide exceptional comfort and company. It’s also not uncommon for senior citizens to adopt older pets from shelters or rescue homes. The added benefit of taking an older pet is that they tend to have less energy than younger ones, and are easier to adjust your schedule too. We at Bestland believe that’s it’s important for seniors to have a little friend to take care of, due to the excess of fantastic health benefits that come with owning a pet!

Sometimes nothing can beat the feeling of having a warm, happy critter occupying your surroundings. Picking the right pet is entirely up to personal preference. The benefits of owning a pet are just too great to pass up!