While the spring is always one of the most enjoyable times of the year, it is also a time where those who suffer from allergies are going to endure some months of very uncomfortable times. As pollen takes to the air, flowers bloom, and insects become more noticeable, the potential for allergies and the issues they cause significantly increase.

When you are 20 years old, these allergies can be an incredible inconvenience, but when you are in your 60s or later, they can become quite debilitating. A lot of people who are in their senior years already have issues with such things as respiratory or heart conditions, and the last thing they need is to have allergies compound the situation more.

If you are a person who is in your senior years or know someone close to you who is, you may be worried about the potential risk that allergies can cause. Here are some things you can do to mitigate the problem.

Be Aware of What Cause Issues – you may know what the kinds of things that cause your allergies to flareup are. This is important to consider as you are going about your day because keeping yourself away from areas where you are more likely to have issues with your allergies flaring up is essential.

Talk to Your Doctor – you should also discuss your allergies with your doctor before the issues arise. For example, if pollen is something that will cause your allergies to the flare-up, then it is essential in February or March to start talking with your doctor about what you can do to treat this and care for yourself. Your doctor also needs to be aware, so if you do have a condition that becomes serious, they will know how to treat you properly.

Be Proactive – the fact remains that allergies are much more serious in the elderly than anyone else.  Body systems are not able to fight off the serious health issues that can arise, so you need to be proactive about your response to allergies. If you notice any symptoms, even if they are small, you need to take action immediately. If there are medications for you to choose, be diligent about taking them. Don’t give the allergy a chance to cause you serious health concerns.

Avoid Antihistamines – the common thing for people to take our over-the-counter antihistamines, but these have side effects that can be more hazardous to the aging. They can lead to such things as drowsiness, confusion, and dizziness, all of which can be dangerous to a person who is over 65. Instead, look for medications that provide relief without using these kinds of compounds.

Watch the News – a lot of local news stations will report to you on the quality of air related to potential allergy problems. They may tell you about such things as how high the pollen count is, if bees are in higher numbers, or if other kinds of allergens could cause a problem. Look in your newspaper, listen to the radio, or watch on TV for reports that can let you know whether it may be to your advantage to spend the day indoors or not.

Protect Your Air – in your home, you should have an air conditioning unit that eliminates allergens as they come into your home. Most air-conditioners have a forced air system, which contains high-efficiency filters that remove out allergens. If you have this, make sure that you properly maintain your air conditioner and that you regularly replace the filter.

Do the Sensible Things – there are a lot of very sensible things that you can do that can assist you in your battle against allergens. Do such things as wash your hands every time you come in from the outdoors. Wear your sunglasses while you’re outside. Don’t hang your clothes out to dry. Take vitamins and foods that are known to remove or reduce inflammation in the body. Some simple things like this can have a profound effect on the effect that allergies have on your body, and help to make any season a lot more enjoyable.

The truth is that you don’t have to take some revolutionary treatment to be able to reduce or eliminate the effects that allergies are having on your body. If you are diligent about it and follow steps such as this, you can have a lot more enjoyable Spring, Summer, or Fall. You can control the effects that these allergens are having and make yourself a whole lot healthier.