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It is important to not skip physical exams as a senior citizen. In Coeur d’Alene Senior Living is our focus. Finding a doctor who you are comfortable communicating with, and who will notice necessary health changes as soon as they pop up is a must! Learn more about what we recommend below!

So, here’s why you should keep scheduling when it comes to your physical exams.

It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, it’s an absolute must to attend medical exams frequently to maintain your physical and mental health. Though everyone should attend physical exams, it’s especially important for senior citizens, because they tend to develop more health issues and may need more monitoring and attention than others.

So, here are only a few of the tests that can be taken and the benefits of frequent physical exams:

  • Blood tests and monitoring: Blood pressure testing is used to ensure that blood is circulating properly in your body. Routine blood tests help prevent elevated blood pressure, as well as hypertension. Hypertension is rather dangerous since it tends to show its symptoms too late.
    • We at Bestland highly suggest you keep up to date with your bloodwork and blood pressure, as keeping a close eye on this can greatly decrease the risks of a heart attack of a stroke!
  • Chest X-rays: These x-ray exams are highly recommended for senior citizens and should be taken at least every two years. These tests show the general condition of your heart, respiratory system, and your lungs. The heart, respiratory system, and lungs ares extremely vulnerable, especially in seniors!
  • Colonoscopies: Seniors should consider getting colonoscopies every three to five years. Even more frequently if polyps have been noticed. Colonoscopies are very effective at helping prevent cancer, as well as the formation of new polyps.
  • Dental Health Exams: Oral health is vital, especially for senior citizens. It’s important to let the dentist check your teeth periodically to be sure that your mouth, throat, gums, and teeth are healthy!
  • General Physical Exams like weight and height exams, hearing tests, and bone tests, carry positive benefits for everyone.
    • Weight and height tests can help to determine if serious health issues are in development.
    • Hearing loss is a natural process in aging. However, sometimes it can be due to infection. Hearing loss tests help with determining that.
    • Bone mass tests are helpful in determining if patients over 60 of age need help with their bone strength.
  • Vitamin Tests: Vitamin tests are used to determine overall mental and physical conditions. These tests should be an essential part of anyone’s physical exam, especially for seniors. Frequent physical sets can help prevent heart disease, dementia, effects of diabetes, and even fend off certain cancers.

There are a lot of significant benefits to draw from frequent physical exams, and seniors should do them. However, it’s also important to determine which physical exams are essential. Maybe your very healthy, and it’s okay to skip one. Maintaining proper communication with your doctor is important.

Getting a good doctor and how communication is very important in improving your health.

 It’s important to find a good doctor who is convenient for you to visit, as well as to communicate with. Frequent doctor visits will allow you to develop a more personal relationship, and your doctor will have a better base of reference to consider if new health issues appear. Communicating with a doctor you trust, will allow you to have a better understanding of your overall health, as well as a push to maintaining it properly. Proper communication concerning your health is vital. You may not need to undergo physical exams as often as others due to improvements, or perhaps your doctor is worried about some tests and developments, and would like to devote more time to you and provide some extra help and individual attention.

Many people do not like to go to physical exams. However, we should. Health is a very important factor in determine overall happiness. For example, not detecting a serious heart condition development can greatly decrease your lifespan, and impede your overall enjoyment of life, as well as the things you love.  In addition to physical exams, it is highly recommended for senior citizens to get physical exercise. The type of physical exercise that one should be doing can be determined by going to physical exams and communicating with your doctor, and not skipping all of that.

And remember, that despite taking time, and some physical exams being rather unpleasant and difficult. They are very much worth it. Your health is precious, and you should devote the time to taking care of it with the use of a doctor you trust and proper treatment.