When You Want to Give Your Aging but Obstinate Parent a Better Life

Aging is a process that nobody particularly enjoys. We have many options to offer you to help make life easier and better. Many people are looking for a comfortable home and yearn to feel a part of a community. This is precisely what Bestland Senior Community Living looks to provide.

What Is Bestland?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the senior community, our fantastic facility is located in the Coeur d’Alene area. The community has been around for over four decades, providing aging men and women with an opportunity to be a part of an essential community while also being provided the kinds of services that can enable them to be able to care for themselves and thrive.

We want to make sure that you are able to do as much as possible to care for yourself, while also being part of the community where you can feel involved.

There are incredible activities and events in our community, which you would love to be a part of. This can give you the opportunity to make new friends and to feel a part of something special. Many of the friends of the aging move away or pass on, which can create a feeling of isolation and depression. By coming to Bestland Senior Community Living, you can remove away those feelings by getting to know fantastic people who will become your new friends for life.

Bestland offers you the ability to have a healthy life while not having to worry about some of the ordinary aspects of daily living, including cooking and cleaning. If there is a medical issue where you need to have care, we will be happy to assist you. This is not a community for a person who is unable to care for themselves but rather a community for those who need a helping hand.

The truth is that for 40 or 50 years, maybe more, you may have been independent, not needing to rely on anyone else. Many seniors do not understand that by moving to our community they do not lose their independence, but instead, they can expand their social life and experience new things, at the convenience of not having to worry about preparing meals or other minor tasks.

We understand the concerns you have and know that once you visit our community that they will find it to be a fantastic fit. In fact, we will happily introduce you to some people who have been long-time members of this community.

This can be a challenging decision but believe us when we say that we are sensitive to everyone’s concerns. You may be hesitating to come to Bestland Senior Community Living, but we do not doubt that once you see all the great opportunities available and talk to the people here that they will find that this is a great place to spend your golden years! Contact us today to schedule a tour.